Recovery 2.0 Coaching with Tommy Rosen
A Free Week-Long Online Experience
October 3rd 2016
Presenting a Powerful and Sustainable Path to Moving Beyond Addiction & Thriving in Recovery
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11:59pm Pacific October 2nd 2016

My Invitation To You...

This is my invitation to you, as a member of the Recovery 2.0 community. My intention is very simple:

I am inviting you to join me for 1 week of Online Coaching.

I will share many of the lessons and insights that made it possible for me to reach long term recovery and to thrive in life. I have a unique path to Recovery. It’s been working for me for 25 years, and I’ve been teaching it to people just like you all over the world.

Now I’m offering my community members to join me — virtually, from wherever you are in the world — so that we can spend One Week together focusing on the Recovery 2.0 path to healing.

Together, we’ll explore an easy-to-follow and holistic approach to ditching the addiction story, breathing your way into sustainable inner-calm, and finding freedom from the terrible dis-ease known as addiction.

We will look at our relationships with people, food and money. It is here where we struggle as Human Beings and so, it is here that we must work together to move beyond what blocks us from freedom and an extraordinary life.

If you or someone you love is struggling to move beyond addiction and truly THRIVE in recovery, please accept my invitation to a free week of coaching and register today.

With Love & Gratitude,
Tommy Rosen
Founder, Recovery 2.0
In addition to working the 12 Steps and finding a sponsor, I started practicing yoga and meditation. I cleaned up my diet. I took steps to actually heal my mind, my heart, and my body from the frequency of addiction.

My relationships improved and I found true love. And I healed at the deepest level. In fact, I began to THRIVE. Something I doubted would ever be possible for someone like me.

That’s why I created Recovery 2.0… this healing is possible for you, too. The process that I’ve been through can be shared. All it takes is your willingness and participation.

Take advantage of this 100% FREE Opportunity Today. Remember you must register before Midnight on October 2nd if you are to secure your seat. REGISTER TODAY!

“Thank you, Tommy for helping to crack open my heart and leading me to teachings and practices which are showing me the way to live with it kept wide open. So, so grateful to you”. --Megan O.
“I feel more connected and more supported by this group than any other I've been a part of.” –Michael S.

What You Will Receive In This Week...

Tommy will present 3 live webinars, covering the key concepts that he has found so valuable in his recovery.

You will be connected with your fellow attendees through our private Facebook group, a powerful and safe place to find support and guidance. Tommy will directly answer your questions from postings in this group.

Additionally, you will receive access to instructional videos on breathing and meditation all for free.

There is nothing holding you back. There is nothing to lose. Catch this train. We are going on a wonderful journey together.

Register Today:
We start on October 3rd 2016
All you need is a computer or mobile device.
When you register we will email you the information to join us on 3rd.
Don't worry we will send a reminder too!

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST Register By October 2nd at 11:59pm PT
(or You Will Miss The Registration Deadline)
What Others Are Saying
“Tommy, As our coaching program is nearing it's end, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how sincerely grateful I am for the ways that you have changed my life. My multiple addictions began as a child, but I am now 60 and thanks to you I'm beginning to live my liberation story. I have learned new practices in your program that I will use the rest of my life. I love you, Tommy Rosen. Thank you.” - Kathy B.
“Recovery 2.0 is helping me take sobriety to a whole new healing of mind, body, spirit. Any one of us who is willing to show up, and find their path of health and serenity will find great blessings on the journey with Tommy. So many links to helpful insights and support. Grateful." - Karen H.
"Since finding Recovery 2.0 recovery has been liberating. I am a strong believer in thriving in recovery, not just surviving. With the help of your guidance and daily rituals I am now ready to embrace the true me! Thankyou Recovery 2.0 community and Tommy from the bottom of my heart!" - Jeanne F.
“If you have ever had one single thought that you wanted something more for your life, please heed that thought. 

I believe it is the voice of your own heart asking you to become whole again.”

                                                - Tommy Rosen, Recovery 2.
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